One This Day | Michael started Sculpting David

Today, a long damn time ago, Michelangelo started sculpting Dave!

Michelangelo is one of the most renowned artists in history, and his works, including the Statue of David, still inspire artists all over the world. But do you know the story behind the masterpiece? It all began on September 13th, 1501, when Michelangelo started sculpting Dave. Yes, we said Dave. In this post, we will take you on a journey through the life and work of Michelangelo and discover how the iconic Statue of David came to be.

The Goonies Connection

Before we start, let’s take a trip down a more recent memory lane and visit Chunk and his crazy friends as he breaks a pe_is! Don’t you love The Goonies?

The Commission

Michelangelo, a mere 26-year-old, was tasked by the Arte della Lana, a guild of wool merchants, to sculpt David. The guild, vying for political power and cultural superiority against rival city-states like Venice, sought a masterpiece that would embody their ethos and astound the world. Naturally, they turned to the renowned Michelangelo, a virtuoso in both sculpture and painting. Talk about an offer he couldn’t refuse!

The Quarry

Michelangelo embarked on his masterpiece in Carrara, Tuscany, where he scoured quarries of Fantiscritti for the creme de la creme of marble. After months of meticulous searching, he unearthed a colossal block, 19 feet tall and weighing over 6 tons, which perfectly embodied his vision. With Carrara’s pure and refined marble, Michelangelo had found the holy grail for his artistic genius.

The Process

Sculpting the statue was no piece of cake for Michelangelo. He had to wrestle with the stubborn marble, coaxing its imperfections into his imagined magnificent form. From 1501 to 1504, he chiseled away for three painstaking years, starting from the ground up – first the legs, then the torso, and finally the head. And voila! David emerged, flawlessly united, without a single joint or seam. Does anyone ever wonder when he sculpted the “junk”?

The Symbolism

Michelangelo’s Statue of David: a Renaissance masterpiece and a symbol of the Florentine Republic. This statue captures David’s calm and confident moment before battling Goliath – talk about “cool under pressure”! It embodies civic virtue, courage, and strength, the very ideals the Florentine Republic held dear. And let’s not forget David’s nudity, symbolizing the purity and innocence of the Republic – talk about baring it all for democracy! 😉

The Legacy

Michelangelo’s Statue of David: still rocking the art world after 500 years! From small replicas to massive monuments, it’s been an inspiration for artists worldwide. Even contemporary artist Mark Quinn couldn’t resist, creating a Kate Moss version. Talk about timeless influence! So next time you spot David, think of Michelangelo’s masterpiece and the ancient times when he first started sculpting Dave. Mind-blowing, right? 🎨💥

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